All cpanel renewal price will be increased as below due to New cPanel control panel licensing structure. These price change will pply to your next renewal invoice. Please contact our sales or open a support ticket if you cannot find your package code or need to know exact renewal amount.

Your package code mentioned as below.

Increased by Rs. 500/- year
Biz Power 1
Biz Power 2
Biz - Ln500
Biz - Ln 1GB
BizH - L1GB
BizH - L500
Biz - Ln 2GB
BizH - L2GB
Cloud 200
Cloud 500
Cloud 1G

Increased by Rs. 600/- year
cPanel 1GB - 20GB traffic
cPanel 1GB - 20GB_b
cPanel 1 GB
cPanel 2 GB
cPanel 5 GB

Increased by Rs. 700/- year
Biz Starter2
cPanel 2 GB - 200Traffic
cPanel 2GB - 5Dom
Domain with cPanel 1GB - 1Dom
cPanel 2GB - 1Domain

Increased by Rs. 800/- year
Biz Power 5
BizH - L5GB
Biz Power 10

New Price Rs. 1800/- year
BizH - L250
Biz - L250

Saturday, August 24, 2019

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